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A formula of natural enzymes, in precisely measured dose, designed to help maintain a healthy respiratory system including nasal passages, throat, and sinuses. Maintaining good respiratory health allows you to clear your ears in flight and in SCUBA diving, and keep your voice performing in top condition.

  • Breaks up and relieves congestion
  • Aids a healthy respiratory system
  • Eases allergies
  • Clear your ears and throat

  • Fast inexpensive shipping to US and Canada.

What's In It? 

Clear•Ease® is made of natural fruit enzymes, Papain and Bromelain. Papain comes from the latex of green papaya fruit. Bromelain comes from pineapple stems and fruits. They are called proteolytic enzymes because they break up biological products like thick mucus.

Proteolytic Enzymes....How Can They Help?

Proteolytic enzymes are involved with repair and healing in the body. Studies have shown anti-inflammatory activity in sports injuries, especially boxing and contact sports. But they must be taken early - preferably before the contest. Blonstein reported on boxers. Among boxers there was less bruising. Cuts took 1/2 the time to heal. Healing was much faster. Results were better when the protease was started immediately before or after injury.

Sprains, concussions, and pulled muscles all did better on proteases. Several articles indicated superior healing post operatively. In one standardized surgical procedure, there was reduction of inflammation, pain, edema and swelling in most subjects.

Cohen and Goldman studies bromelain's effects on joint status in cases of rheumatoid arthritis. 72% showed reduction of joint swelling. Studies showed it to be helpful in bursitis, tendinitis, and sciatica.

Various studies have shown that combinations of enzymes usually work better than a single one. This is because, for example, Papain and Bromelain have slightly different actions so that in combination they are synergistic.

Studies have showed the effects of these enzymes on thinning thick mucus.

A More Effective Way To Take Enzymes

Clear-ease® has a carefully calibrated enzymatic activity designed to be more effective. The papain/bromelain combination has been found to be more effective than each alone because each has a slightly different mode of action.

Recommended Uses: 

Allergy and Sinus: Good maintenance of the respiratory system is necessary to clear your ears in flight, as well as in SCUBA diving. Clear-ease® helps maintain healthy respiratory function. Frequent flyers, pilots, and SCUBA divers all enjoy the benefits of Clear-ease®.

Air Travel: The up and down of flying and rapid pressure changes can put serious pressure on your sinuses. You need your sinuses in first-class condition to face this! Maintain healthy sinuses to face the stress of flying with Clear-ease®.

Temperomandibular Joint: Clear-ease® helps maintain a healthy joint via its proteolytic enzyme action.

Throat and Voice: Singers and public speakers are always very concerned about their voices - the smallest change can dramatically affect their ability to use their voice. Many singers, public speakers and voice professionals including performers, teachers, and salesmen - have reported effective relief from complaints associated with frequent or strong use of their voice. Maintaining your throat in tip top condition with Clear-ease® can help you keep your voice at tip top condition at all times.

Clear•Ease™ contains
1 million FCCPU enzyme units of Bromelain
1/2 million FCCPU units of Papain activity.


Use one 3x a day, melt in mouth between cheek and gums before swallowing.
For divers and flyers begin two days before the event.
For persons always plagued by blocked ears on flying, start this 2 days before the flight.
For singers and speakers, start as soon as there are any signs of voice difference.
Boxers should start this before the event.
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